Maryse and Christina

Helping others stay fit, healthy, and most importantly have fun is an absolute passion for Maryse and Christina from Focused on Fitness. With several certifications such as Personal Training, Nutrition, kickboxing, spin and more they share their unique style in specializing class and client programming making it suitable for all fitness levels in a welcoming accepting and supportive environment.


Always having a passion for fitness, personal development and love for helping others, Jordanna began blogging. Inspired Diaries ( is dedicated to helping women build confidence and achieve personal goals by sharing her own life experiences. Little did she know a weekly blog would touch so many.

Now, as a certified Eating Psychology Coach, Jordanna has created support for women who are ready to make connections between their life and their behaviours with food. Food is life and how we manage our relationship with it can help us grow beyond our wildest ambitions.


When it comes to health and wellness, Samantha does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. As a Certified Nutritionist turned Holistic Health Coach, her work integrates nutrition, fitness, mindset and exquisite self-care in order to support women who struggle with the physical manifestations of stress and burnout (namely skin issues). Her mission is to empower women with the tools and support to heal their skin, regain their confidence and create the lives they crave.

It’s Samantha’s natural love for educating, empowering and inspiring people to live happy and healthy lives that she is most proud of. “Ultimately I want people to be inspired to go on their own journey of self-discovery and continually strive to be the best version of themselves”.


For Sarah, these past two years have been a journey – finding the best ways to stay active in the city. She’s passionate about visiting gyms all around Toronto to keep her workouts energized, along the way meeting new people and making new sweat buddies.

Sarah’s been in the corporate health and wellness field for seven years, showing others how to lead a healthy life through example. She knows first hand that healthy can be accessible, simple and fun. Through her work, she’s shown others that taking care of your own health does not need to be scary or boring.

She led the delivery of a platform that engaged users to take control of their health - motivating and encouraging them to get up from their chairs and move more, and is now on a new project called Ikkuma Life, teaching people how to instill healthy habits. She speaks regularly at various events; motivating others to keep up with new healthy habits, and reminding them to push through when it gets tough and keep end goals in mind.


Alana is a Toronto based female focused fitness trainer whom founded and operates I Do Fitness® - a private fitness company for women. She has passion and gift towards helping females realize their potential through strenthening and grounding their bodies and improving their energy levels from the inside out.

Using a variety of traditional and comtemporary fitness techniques, Alana offers private, semi-private and small group classes. Her main focus are brides, bridal parties, pre & post natal clientele, teens and seniors. She has helped many women achieve success and continues to find new ways to help them.

The only way is forward and to continue to improve the way we move and feel, one step at a time for a better and brighter future.

"One woman can make a difference but together, we can run the world".


Competitive Swimmer with Middlesex Swimming in London, Ontario (registered with Masters Swim Canada and Swim Ontario) and has been a member of the Movati Athletic Club for 15 years. Ranked in the top 10 in the World for the 50, 100, and now 200 breast stroke for her age category. Also for her age category, has been a Canadian national masters swim champion for the past four years and recently was the Pan Pacific Masters Champion for the 50, 100, and 200 breast stroke, including setting a new 50 metre breast stroke Pan Pacific record for her age category. Over the past four years she has also set a number of Ontario Masters Swim records for her age category and recently set another one at the FINA World Masters Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Terri believes “age is just a number.”


Monica is a Toronto native passionate about health, beauty and fashion. Her beliefs in life are simple. Believe, Love, and Live. If you Believe, it provides the strength you need to stand up to and conquer all challenges ahead of you. If you Love, your heart is open and radiating warmth to those around you. If you feel Alive, your positive energy fuels your mind, heart and soul which promotes strong self esteem.

Working in finance for the past 2 years has allowed Monica to begin promoting healthy living in a corporate setting. She has been actively working to break the stigma that healthy living means boring living and helping others recognize that they are capable of living their best lives.


After many years of yo-yo dieting, fad workouts and looking for a quick fix, Jamie finally put in the hard work and determination to get into shape and develop a life long healthy lifestyle. Fitness has become her passion and as a Personal Trainer, Body Shred Instructor and Fitness Club owner she uses her own experiences to help inspire and motivate others to reach their health and fitness goals.

Jamie is an Elite Fitness and Fitness Model competitor with Ultimate Fitness Events, has run 5 marathons and numerous half marathons, 10km and 5km races.

She is continuously trying to show her children, family and friends that with hard work and dedication any goal can be achieved.

She's "inspired to inspire”!


Nicole has just 18 years of age, and is a professional tennis player representing Canada . She loves to do anything that involves being active and staying fit. She trains five hours a day and six times per week, in order to be in shape for the tournaments she plays around the world. Nicole wanted to raise awareness on the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, so she tried to find a way to use her voice on a greater scale. In 2017 She was crowned Miss Teenage South Central Ontario, and qualified to compete in Miss Teenage Canada! Through her reign she made her platform empowering women through physical activity. She held fundraisers and gave presentations, trying to give women the opportunity in living a happy life, just like she has had through her tennis. She loves helping women everyday and she hopes to spread the message "remember to be fabulous!"

Sarah Szolopiak

A former ski racer, OBA basketball player, and rep soccer player, Sarah loves sports. She believes in the importance of growing into an adult athlete, which looks different then your younger self. Sarah has taken up hockey, golf, horseback riding, and running as an adult athlete. As the Athletic Director at Havergal College Junior School and a Health and Physical Education teacher, Sarah encouraging girls to be active, try new things, and to challenge themselves every day. Girls who play sports grow into confident women.


Karin's fitness journey started 6 years ago when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 60.

This health scare rattled Karin's world. Karin made a commitment to help her mother during her life battle, and also take action to for herself, family and friends. The focus became leading a healthy and fit lifestyle. Karin became passionate about running and she challenged herself to run her first marathon on her 40th birthday. Since then she has run a marathons in City's such as Toronto, Chicago & New York. She also helped create a running group and helped train a group of women to run their first half marathon from start to the finish line.

Karin had 4 boys. Karin has inspired them to run with her, raise awareness as well funds towards breast cancer.

Karin has shared her journey been in a documentary which was featured at Sun dance Film festival sharing the importance of early detection of women as well as her passion for running as it is therapy for her. Helping and inspiring other woman is Karin's natural love and commitment. Karin now works diligently every day to bring fitness and corporate wellness to hundreds of people in Canada. She continues to think of new ways to help and inspire people to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Health and Wellness, and helping others will always be top priority!

Lindsay Ritter

Lindsay is a talented & passionate instructor, choreographer and director with more than 25 years experience working with dancers, and fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

Lindsay attended The Randolph Performance Academy in Toronto where she trained in dance, drama and vocal. Some of Lindsay’s performance credits include: Fame-The Musical, Legends Tribute Show, MuchMusic, City TV, The Comedy Network, Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

She launched LR Dance in 2006, bringing a multitude of opportunities to the Toronto entertainment community. Lindsay has worked with many artists, and athletes on a variety of events, workshops, performances, classes, television and film.

Lindsay is currently a teaching group fitness classes throughout Toronto and abroad. She is also collaborating with fitness and wellness companies to help promote a balance lifestyle.

Lindsay is always open to explore new and fresh opportunities within the fitness realm, and will continue to build her brands, and her presence within the community. Lindsay’s rapport with her clients is reflected in her confidence and professional relationships she has built over the years. With the combination of training and work experience, Lindsay has been able to transform her love for fitness into a successful and rewarding career.


Meagan is a yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast and soon to be practicing holistic nutritionist. Through the years yoga has become a prominent and vital part of her daily life. Yoga has helped to strengthen her body as well as heal it physically and mentally. Through a mind, body and breath connection her yoga class empowers individuals to discover what their bodies are truly capable of and to ultimately enrich their lives. She focuses on self-acceptance and self-love when teaching and in her own practice. She wants to share all of the energy she has by living by it and embracing it in everything she does and everything that she is. She accepts herself and in turn encourages others to accept themselves exactly as they are in this very moment. She encourages this through breath, movement and nourishing our bodies to give ourselves the opportunities to fully express and embrace who we are as beautiful and unique individuals. She is currently teaching yoga in Toronto and York Region. Meagan has increasingly dedicated herself to the study and practice of ashtanga vinyasa yoga. She knows the importance to always remain a student and is forever learning under the guidance of her teacher, Ron Reid.


I am a Dance, Pilates and Zumba instructor at the Dantitude Studio, my name is Ke (Kathy) We have two locations in the GTA area they are located at Unit 217-218,3447 Kennedy Rd Toronto ON M1V 3S1 Canada (Pacific Mall Studio) and 100 Sheppard Ave East, North York (North York Studio) I am teaching two Zumba and Pilates group classes per week, mostly I teach private and small group Pilates classes. My clients are mostly women who want to get fit and interest in Pilates. I currently teach around 10 private Classes per week. I have been hearing about Lorna Jane for about 2 years. However, I have had a chance to try any product yet until today because I do not know any retail store has carried this brand and also I am in the Lululemon's Sweat program, and I am live in North York area, it is very easy for me to go to the store try and buy it. I have been seeing some people sell the Lorena Jane privately from the social media but I am not comfortable to try and buy it from the resident place. I finally get a chance to drop by your pop up store at Yorkdale, and I have tried some products and I am so excited! They are super comfortable!!!! Unfortunately, the store does not have the sizes that I am looking for, However, I bought a sports bra and heard about you have ambassador program as well. It will be pleasant if I can become one of the ambassadors. The social media I am usually using is called Wechat. A very functional social media that the most Chinese are using it. I chat with my students, create groups and share the daily life through the Wechat. I have sent you some classes pictures that I shared from my Wechat I do not know if that can meet your requirements or not. I noticed the students are really like to follow what you are wearing and using. I can't wait to share the amazing brand with my students.

The ladies of Rx Boss Ladies

Natalie and Megan are two sweat enthusiasts who are passionate about all things fitness and community. They founded Rx Boss Ladies (@rxbossladies) in 2017 as a platform to motivate and inspire others to get active and live a healthy lifestyle. They embrace as many ways to sweat as possible and can be frequently found at their CrossFit gym. They love to lift heavy and embrace the notion that strong is beautiful. Natalie is a French teacher by day and a certified fitness instructor. Her passion is motivating others to achieve their fitness goals in the gym and is constantly found cheering on others as they work towards their goals. Natalie puts together HIIT workouts to share directly with their online community. Megan works in marketing by day and is an avid CrossFitter and Yogi. Her favourite part of the day is the hour dedicated to getting sweaty, crushing personal bests in the gym and embracing community and connection. Her ultimate goal is to become a certified CrossFit coach and open up her own gym dedicated to community and empowering women to achieve both their fitness and personal goals. Their passion for fitness and wellness led them to create the Rx Boss Ladies platform to motivate women to get active, fuel themselves with heathy foods and embrace body positivity.

Cassandra Ablack

My name is Cassandra Ablack. I am a competitive figure skater and synchronized figure skater. I represent Canada and compete internationally and at world level competitions. I am the 2017 World Bronze medalist. I was also one of the newest athletes inducted into the WOS Hall of Fame in May of 2017. I train 5-6 hours a day, six days a week. I love all types of physical activity and sports. I love to dance and play basketball in my free time. I am a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I have 2 years of experience in training athletes to develop the strength, coordination and endurance needed for their sport. The only thing better than becoming successful in something you are passionate about is knowing that you were able to help someone to reach their goals in living a happy and healthy life! One quote I live by is, “You get back what you out in!”

Steff Sullivan

From a young age, Steff has been heavily involved in team sports, group fitness and exploring various ways to get in a good sweat! Running multiple businesses alongside a career as a Registered Nurse, Steff's wellness is paramount to living a vibrant and abundant life. Through fitness and cooking wholesome meals which she shares on her platform as fitnursepreneur, Steff is able to balance the demands of life and believes that nourishing both the mind and body are vital to living a life of purpose, passion, and love. Steff is constantly pushing her limits. As a varsity athlete in university and a current flag football player, she keeps herself on her toes by changing up her workouts, getting outside and connecting with the Toronto fitness community. Steff's experiences thus far have also led her to start Prescription Self-Care, a social media movement dedicated to empowering individuals to explore what it means to take care of themselves in a way that nourishes their mind, body, and spirit. In future, Steff is looking forward to becoming a certified fitness instructor so that she can continue to empower, inspire and foster a community of like-minded individuals through her love for food and fitness.