Active Living is a philosophy which extends far beyond the realms of just exercise – sure regular sweat sessions are an important part of your daily ritual; but it’s about so much more.

Active Living is a complete way of life that can be achieved with three simple steps – all you have to do is Move Nourish and Believe. When you Move your body everyday, Nourish from the inside out and Believe that anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it, you’re marking a commitment to living actively and authentically, and we promise you’ll be dazzled with the results!

To help you realize and reach your greatest potential, we’ve developed the Active Living Movement. Think of it as a Sister of Support of sorts, here to help keep you motivated, inspired and, through Active Living Rewards, rewarded along every step of the way.

Open to Sporty Sisters (and their families) Australia wide, Active Living Rewards is an extension of the Active Living philosophy and is here to aid and abet your best active life. As an Active Member of the program you will have access to everything you need to live your most active life including infinite opportunities to rack up some seriously remarkable rewards!